We’re back with loads of activity coming up for the World Cup later this year.

LondonEnglandfans is a group of England fans, based loosely around the London area, who meet together on a regular basis in a pub in Central London.

We are not a closed shop. We do not have members or a membership and we do not restrict discussions to subjects that may have some people feel we are playing at being stooges for the authorities.

Our meetings are free to anyone who wants to attend and, even though the main topics of discussion from one meeting to the next are pretty much decided some time in advance, anyone at the meeting can ask a question of the panelists or even other audience members.     The meetings usually take on a ‘Question Time’ type feel to them, with a panel at the front, a chairperson and the punters i.e. you and me, taking on the role of the audience.

Over the past 14 years, (the first meeting took place in March 2000 in the run up to Euro 2000) we have had panellists from the FA, the police, the Home Office, the Foreign Office, numerous embassies, consulates and tourist boards, representatives of some of the the world’s leading newspapers, biographers, TV and radio journalists, a fair smattering of England fans and even footballers themselves.

Every now and then some of the discussions can get a bit heated but that’s not a problem – it’s all about passion for the game we love, sharing our feelings, airing our views and meeting like-minded people.

Come and join in – you won’t regret it!

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We really welcome feedback, suggestions and criticism (go easy on us!) from everyone about panel guests, meetups, the website, what we could be doing better or, indeed, what you think we are doing just right. Fill in the form below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Where We meet

Savoy Tup
2 Savoy St,